by Dead Sullivan

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joana I just had to buy this album. I really needed this in my playlist Favorite track: Sever.
DarkGreace thumbnail
DarkGreace Thank you, I feel less alone listening this album Favorite track: Bad.
Ignacio Wetzel
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Ignacio Wetzel It gets better with every listen. Very introspective lyrics are whispered softly into your ear, on top of some nice lo-fi indie folk instrumentation and some experimental moments. Favorite track: Square.
Edward Steenbergen
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Edward Steenbergen Very experimental. The lyrics are personal but yet relatable. A very different approach to writing for sure. Favorite track: Sever.
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Tracks mastered by Nathan Navarro
cover drawing by brother
Background Vox on "Leave" - Maddie D


released March 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Dead Sullivan Denton, Texas

my mom told me to put myself out there

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Track Name: Test
Test my broken arms
Collect my token heart
Check my fucking pulse
Set my lovely bones
Breathe when I'm alone
Such a fancy home
Track Name: Head
Now we're walking
Now we're walking smooth
Instead of talking
She's stalking on a bruise
If it's worth it,
I could be a fool
If she cuts it,
I could make her drool
I'm feeling worth it,
my confidence is cool
You'd never know it.
but I could break a rule
I'm better empty,
the pleasure isn't true
Instead of clever,
I'll speak inside a shoe
I'll see you,
I'll see you at the mall
If it's ugly,
I could take the fall
If you're tired,
I'll see you when it ends
If you need it,
I could be a friend
So look me in the eye
I know,
We left it all behind
Remind me,
of everything instead
I know,
it's stuck inside a head
A soft threat,
a bet we never bread
A clear throat,
a philly to the head
A deep breath,
a pocket full of lead
Beat me,
I'm up for being red.
Track Name: Here
You made
so clear
You're meant
to stay here
Unfazed, no fear
You're meant to stay here
In bed, so near
You're meant
to lay here
Mislead, no head
You're meant
to stay here
I've got a bone to pick with you
Biting your tongue,
unsure of who
Stuck on the phone till weed comes through
I'll be a green one,
stung till' I turn blue,
like I do.
Keep me breathless,
I'm meant
to play here
In your sundress,
I have to stay here
If you undress,
You'll have to lay here
I'm no contest,
but you're meant
to stay clear
I've got a bone to pick with you
Biting your tongue,
unsure of who
Stuck on the phone till weed comes through
I'll be a green one,
stung till' I turn blue,
like I do.
Track Name: I Might
She's got me looking back
With my feet up in the air
I don't know who to act
(Fool) Looking strange,
You know i feel your pain
Had you thinkin' that I wouldn't,
we know that'll change.
Know I said,
"I shouldn't,"
I wouldn't get in a fight
I might, I might, I might.
She knew she couldn't trust
An ignoramus with a club
You knew she wouldn't budge
Goin' soft, but I won't ever stop
I get this feeling
if I do
You'll hate me after all
Know I set a foot in
I wouldn't get in a fight
I might, I might, I might.
Track Name: God
All alone
I know why
On my phone
God knows why
If I'm high
I don't mind
Pretty guy
Take some time
Find a tool
Make it mine
Drink a pool
God knows why
Track Name: What I Want
I just want to be your baby.
Track Name: Burn
Line it up, feel the cut
When it's aching, stay in touch
Cut the shit, make it quick
Fuck with the kids I'm breathing in
Then you stick, if I'm sick
Like it's written on my lips
But I'm dead, when I read
What you said under your breath,
"Something new."
Had my kicks, got a fix
She's my perfect trip for six
Understood, never would
Get with an unfamed neighborhood
Get a text, am I next
Lay a hand down on his chest
Be the best, drop the rest
Till' you said under your breath,
"Something new."
Maimed, insane in ways
Name the day
My life would turn
My eyes would hurt
Yes, I like to burn
I like to burn
I like to burn
I like to burn
I like to burn
I like to burn
Track Name: Bad
Don't you love me again
I'll embarrass your friend
I am only a man
You don't owe me a hand
I'm a fool when I walk
I'm not cool when I talk
Was it something I said
Just a thought in my head
I'm not half bad,
I'm not half bad.
He's not open with you
I'm just joking with you
All alone with a kid
Getting stoned in a crib
I'll be home in a bit
To be bummed in a stiff
Set of rules to be you
Get a clue
I'm not half bad,
I'm not half bad.
Track Name: Square
(If I get there) If I get lucky
My eyes would be closed
(If I get there) If I get lucky
You'll follow your nose
Just like you
Just like you
(If I get there) If I feel ugly
I'll swallow my sow
(If I get there) If I feel sorry
I'll already know
Just like you
Just like you
Hate me if I'm wrong
Hurt it, in a son
I'm not dead
Quick to figure out
I'm running with a mouth
I'm not dead
my own thoughts
are awake
My own mistake.
Track Name: Sever
Time takes a friend
Caught chokin' on the end
of a knife
she's cryin'
I'd be your man
I'll take you by the hand
Yeah, you might start bitin'
In between schemes
I take em' by the ream
Yeah, I might start writin'
I'll be your dreams
I'll swallow like a fiend
yeah, I might start fightin'
I'd be a girl
I'd take apart the world
with the end of a wire
Take off my clothes
untangle what I know
and put it in the fire
I'd beat my fist
to the tune of little kids
but I aint no liar
Who is this man
before I stand
to the ear of a choir
She's got two cheeks
and a portal in between
Yeah, I might just kiss em'
She likes to speak
when my knees get weak
Yeah, I might start wishin'
That i was dead
put a bullet through my head
Yeah, I might start bleedin'
That rug stained red
Drugged trembles in the bed
Yeah, I might stop breathin'
I had one friend
Swallowed up by a sin
that won't forgive me
I put my heart
in the middle of a grin
that won't forget me
Sweet seven, come
and take
My burden to the ocean
You feed the same
had enough to be ashamed,
but you still don't know him.
Track Name: Leave
In too deep
On the count of three
If you fell in love with me
Is that enough to up
and leave